College GPA Calculator Guide

metugpa is a website designed for university students to easily calculate their GPA (grade point average) or CGPA (cumulative grade point average) in a fast way. Therefore you can use this responsive college GPA calculator easily.

In this post, the use of metugpa will be described step by step.

1. Choosing Grading System

At this step, you should choose an appropriate grading system for your college. There are three grading system for you to calculate your GPA or CGPA as follows:

  • AA/BA/BB
  • A+/A/A-
  • A1/A2/A3

College Grading System

After you select the grading system that is right for your college, you can proceed to second step.

2. Previous Coursework

Note: If this is your first semester at your college or if you just would like to calculate your GPA, you can skip this step.

At this step, you will enter your cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and the total credits of courses you have taken up to this semester (excluding the credits of course of current semester).

Previous Coursework

You can probably find your CGPA and the total credits of the courses that you have taken up to now in your transcript.

3. Grades

We will examine this stage for two situations: when you have repeated courses, and when you have not repeated courses.

3.1 When You Do Not Have Repeated Courses

If you are not taking courses, which you took before, at this semester, then you should leave the old grade part of the grades table as blank  as you can see from the following picture.

Grades without Repeated Courses

Just enter credits of the courses that you take at this semester, and grades that you expect to have at the end of this semester.

3.2 When You Have Repeated Courses

If you have a repeated course; that is, if you take the the course again, you should fill the old grade part of the  Grades section with your expected grade for that course.

Grades with Repeated Courses

4. Calculate GPA and CGPA

Finally, after completed all steps, you can see your expected GPA and CGPA (if you completed the step 2) by using calculate button.

The sample result will be as follows:

Expected GPA and CGPA Results




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