About GPA Calculator - metugpa

This website is designed and developed by a small team studying at Middle East Technical University(METU).

We aimed to help other students calculating their GPA (grade point average) or CGPA (cumulative grade point average) .

You can now use our online financial calculator.

4.0 Grading Scale is used in this gpa calculator, so students whose college's grading scale is 4.0 can calculate their gpa or cgpa.

Our calculator is based on three grading system:

1) AA/BA/BB Grading System

AA = "4.0" BA ="3.5" BB ="3.0" CB ="2.5" CC ="2.0" DC ="1.5" DD = "1.0" FD = "0.5" FF = "0.0"

2) A+/A/A- Grading System

A+ = "4.0" A = "4.0" A- = "3.70" B+ = "3.30" B = "3.0" B- = "2.7" C+ = "2.30" C = "2.0" C- ="1.70" D+ = "1.30" D = "1.0" F = "0"

3) A1/A2/A3 Grading System

A1 = "4.0" A2 = "3.75" A3 = "3.5" B1 = "3.25" B2 ="3.0" B3 = "2.75" C1 = "2.5" C2 = "2.25" C3 = "2.0" D = "1.75" F = "0"

Colleges & Grading Systems

College Grading System
Princeton University A+/A/A-
University of Chicago A/A-
University of Pennsylvania A+/A/A-
Duke University A+/A/A-
Dartmouth University A/A-
Northwestern Uninversity A/A-
University of Notre Dame A/A-
Georgetown University A/A-
Emory University A/A-
New York University A/A-
Boston University A/A-
Middle East Technical University AA/BA/BB
Bilkent University A+/A/A-
Boğaziçi University AA/BA/BB
Koç University A+/A/A-
İstanbul Technical University AA/BA/BB
Sabancı University A/A-/B+
Galatasaray University AA/BA/BB
Hacettepe University A1/A2/A3
Yıldız Technical University AA/BA/BB

If your collge's grading system is A/A-, you can use our GPA/CGPA calculator for A+/A/A- grading system. There is no difference between A/A- and A+/A/A- grading systems in this GPA calculator.

Note: The note systems on this table were entered in 2017 by checking the official websites of the universities. Even if we think there is no erroneous calculation in metugpa, you should also know that there is no formal validity of the GPA/CGPA or grades you calculate here.

How to calculate GPA - How to calculate CGPA

1) Choose your college's grading system.

2) If you want to calculate cgpa, write your last cgpa (cumulative grade point average) and total credit (up to now) in the previous coursework part.

3) If you take the course again, you should fill the old grade part of the course. Otherwise, you can leave this part empty.

4) If you want to calculate only gpa(grade point average), you can omit the previous coursework part.

CGPA Calculation Example

Let's say your cgpa = 2.65 and total credit = 65

Then, assume that you take 5 courses in this semester.

3 of them are new courses, and 2 of them are repeating courses.

New Course1 = A+ , New Course2 = A- , New Course3 = B-, Repeating Course1 = A- , Repeating Course2 = B+

Old grades of repeating courses are C- and D+ respectively.

We also assume that all of the courses you take are 3 credit courses.

Finally, according to our example, we find GPA = "3.48" (this is your semester's gpa), and CGPA = "2.91" (This is your new cumulative grade point average)