Grade Calculator

College students can calculate overall grade of courses they take by using this simple and practical grade calculator. Also, students can calculate average overall grade (curve) and compare it to their grade.

Instructions - Grade Calculator

Usage of this grade calculator is simple.

  • You should just enter grade(s) of midterm(s) of courses and their percentages.

  • Then enter final grade of the course. Others may refer to projects, homeworks, quizzes etc.

  • You can use + button in order to increase number of others or midterm.

  • Finally, just click calculate button to calculate your estimated overall grade.

Example - Grade Calculator

Suppose that we take a course which has two midterms, one final exam and one term project.

Let their percentages be 20, 20, 40, 20 respectively.

Let Midterm 1 = 86, Midterm 2 = 84, Final = 70, Project = 90

Then our overall grade would be 80. This grade may vary according to the university and lectures, and may correspond to different letter grades.