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Time value of money calculator's usage is simple. Just leave the one you want to calculate and fill the others. Then click the button of the one you want to calculate.

Time Value of Money Concept

Definitions - Time Value of Money (TVM)

Time Value of Money

We can simply define time value of money as the difference in the money's value today and future.

Future Value (FV)

Future value (FV), as it can be understood from its name, is the asset's value at a specific time [1].

Present Value (PV)

The value of an asset at the present time is called as present value (PV) [2].

Time Value of Money Formulas


Future Value,
Present Value,
= Annual Rate
Interest Rate per Period,

, if payment made at the beginning of the period.
, otherwise.

We have

Future Value Formula - How to Calculate Future Value

Present Value Formula - How to Calculate Present Value

PMT Formula - How to Calculate PMT

N can be derived similarly and I/Y can be computed using numerical methods.


Example 1


Present Value = 10000
Interest Rate = 5%
Period = 3
Payment = 0


Future Value = 11576.25

Example 2


Present Value = 1000
Interest Rate = 6%
Period = 10
Payment = 100
Frequency = Annually
Mode = BEG


Future Value = 3188.012


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